Modern International Alphabet Pattern. Digital PDF


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Fun and original alphabet to personalize with names, dates, etc. your sewing projects.


  • 63 characters: 20 letters, 10 numbers and 20 signs.
  • Tutorial to learn the FPP.
  • Assembly instructions.
  • Templates for all characters grouped by sheets and on separate sheets to be scaled.

Sizes: 9 cm height, with formula to scale them.

Technique: Foundation Paper Piecing.

Difficulty: Medium.

The best pattern to start with Foundation Paper Piecing. It includes all levels of difficulty, from very simple characters to very complex ones.

If you have any questions about the technique or the pattern, you can contact me, I will be happy to help you.

Get inspired and share your creations with #moderninternationalalphabetfpp #amararstudiopatterns #amararcreacionspatterns. And remember to tag me! @amararstudio

Pattern features:

  • It is presented in three languages: English, Spanish and Catalan. In addition, the English language is available in two paper sizes: A4 and Letter (8.5 “x11” (21.6 x 27.9 cm)) most used in the USA. You have to choose which you want when you make the purchase.
  • Contains: 33 letters (includes Ñ, ß, Ø, Æ, Œ, Ç and L·L), 20 signs (accent marks and punctuation) and 10 numbers. It can be used in many languages: Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Basque, English, German, French, Italian and so many others.
  • It includes: Templates to elaborate the characters in 3.5″ height (9 cm), tutorial on Foundation Paper Piecing, assembly instructions, scaling formula so you can make them different sizes and diagram of sections of each character.
  • 110 pages: the templates for the characters are presented in two formats, grouped (several per page) or individual (one per page to facilitate the escalation).
  • It is an instant pdf download pattern that you will have access forever!.
  • This pattern has been updated on November 13, 2019 and a free update system has been incorporated in case there was any change in the future. If you have an older version, contact me and if you have the new version you can check future updates here. Current versions is 2.0 duet to an update for all links and logo to Amarar Studio.

The price includes VAT for purchases from countries where your payment corresponds.

Sharing of this pattern is not allowed. If any of your acquaintances are interested in this pattern please address it to this website and help designers to continue working and creating patterns for all of you.

Do not copy or redistribute this pattern, it is for personal use. You can sell handmade articles from this pattern sewn to a small scale but mass production of any kind is not allowed. If you sell or show an image of the item made, the credit of the pattern must be for Amarar Studio.

Copyright © Catalina Barceló Maimó, Spain, 2022. All rights reserved.




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